Clinical Medicine (5+3) and Clinical Medicine (5+3, Pediatrics)

Clinical Medicine, a national featured specialty, implements the 5+3 integrated mode of training clinical medical talents (5-year undergraduate education in clinical medicine + 3-year standardized training of residents). For Clinical Medicine (5+3, Pediatrics), the undergraduate students are trained based on specialties of Clinical Medicine, and graduate students are trained based on the professional degree of Master of Pediatrics. Each qualified graduate will be honored with a certificate of medical practitioner, certificate of standardized training for residents, the diploma and degree certificate of master's degree.


Educational Objective: Cultivate high-level interdisciplinary medical talents adapting to the modernization of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, with noble medical ethics, good humanistic quality, scientific quality and concept of comprehensive health, broad basic knowledge of natural science and solid knowledge of medical theory, strong clinical thinking and clinical practice ability, lifelong learning ability, and professional English and scientific innovation ability.

Degree: Master of Clinical Medicine

Employment: Hospitals, Medical Colleges, and Medical Research Institutes


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