Oral Medicine (5+3)

Oral Medicine is a science that mainly studies the pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, diagnostic principles and corresponding prevention and treatment measures of some diseases at oral organs, soft and hard facial tissues, and cervical part. Modern Oral Medicine, with a high degree of practicality, intends to study and control oral and maxillofacial diseases based on the theories and technologies of medicine, biology, science and engineering and other natural sciences. Oral Medicine takes moral education as its fundamental task, and attaches great importance to strengthening the training of 'practical ability of medical students; it is featured in training of application-oriented oral medical talents with strong clinical skills. Advantages and characteristics: Oral Medicine, according to the educational objective of cultivating students with strong clinical medical ability and scientific and technological innovation ability, has formed the features of education of making full use of the advantages of integration of college and hospital to build a practical teaching system for training application-oriented talents and building a humanistic quality teaching mode for oral medical students with noble medical ethics, excellent medical skills, commitment learning and earnest practice. Through early professional practice, establishment of a high-level experimental teaching platform, and building of an in-class and out-of-class practical teaching system, the specialty will train all students to master the practical ability and scientific and technological innovation ability.


Educational Objective: Cultivate special oral medical talents adapting to the needs of development of Chinas medical and health undertakings with a broad and solid theoretical knowledge of basic medicine and oral medicine, strong practical ability and high English level, and the ability in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of common and frequent oral diseases, as well as good comprehensive professional quality and innovative spirit. Core courses: oral anatomy and physiology, oral histology and pathology, cariology and endodontics, periodontology, diseases of the oral mucosa, oral and maxillofacial surgery, oral and maxillofacial medical imageology, prosthetic dentistry, science of dental materials, orthodontics, preventive dentistry, pediatric dentistry, and oral implantology.


Degree: Bachelor of Medicine, and Master of Oral Medicine

Employment: Hospitals, Medical Research Institutes


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