Basic Medicine (5-year)

Basic Medicine (5-year) adopts the mode of continuous training of undergraduates, postgraduates and doctors. Those who meet the requirements of exemption from admission exam can accept the training of postgraduates. In the second year, they can attend the training of candidates taking successive postgraduate and doctoral program. Basic Medicine is an advantageous specialty comprehensively invested in the 13th Five-Year Plan of Tianjin institutions of higher education. The specialty adheres to the educational concept of strengthening foundation, emphasizing innovation, and conducting overall optimization, adopts the group-study and tutorial system, for mainly cultivating innovative interdisciplinary talents with solid foundation, strong innovative spirit, strong practical ability, and high comprehensive quality.


Educational Objective: Cultivate senior special talents with good scientific quality, basic theoretical knowledge and experimental skills of natural science, life science and medical science, and ability in basic medical education and scientific research.

Degree: Bachelor of Medicine, Scientific Doctor (candidates who are academically qualified in the stage of postgraduate and doctoral program and have passed the thesis defense).

Employment: Medical research and teaching in scientific research institutions, institutions of higher education and clinical laboratories.



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