Preventive Medicine (5-year)

Preventive Medicine is a medical science taking population as the object, studying the health influencing factors and their law of function, clarifying the relationship between external environment and populations health and formulating the public health strategies and measures by macroscopic and microscopic technical means, with the aim of achieving the goal of preventing diseases, improving health, prolonging life and improving quality of life. Preventive Medicine is an important part of medicine, and with the development of medical mode and attention of society and public paid to health, it has increasingly expressed its importance in medical science. Advantages and characteristics: preventive medicine is a brand specialty in Tianjin and an advantageous specialty determined in the 13th Five-Year Plan in Tianjin; the teaching team of preventive medicine is a national teaching team and a teaching innovation team based on the 12th Five-Year Plan of Tianjin Municipal Commission of Education.


Educational Objective: Cultivate special talents in preventive medicine/ public health adapting to the needs of social development and public health undertakings, and being required by future social development and maintenance of population health. Through a complete education of medical and modern public health knowledge and skills as well as relevant scientific knowledge, all students will master solid professional knowledge and skills, and have certain humanistic spirit, extensive social participation and certain innovation, as well as broad international vision, skilled management and information technology, strict ethical principles and certain ability to apply law, thus becoming special talents in preventive medicine who can unify the comprehensive and harmonious development of moral, intellectual, physical, esthetic and labor qualities with healthy personality, and can study independently and carry out relevant scientific research, teaching and public health entrepreneurial practice.

Degree: Bachelor of Medicine


Employment: Institutions in the aspects of disease prevention and control, health supervision, health quarantine, community public health services, school health care, medical treatment and health management, medical research, and medical education.



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