Medical Imaging (5-year)

Medical Imaging is an important branch of modern medicine and also a specialty organically combining medical imaging devices and clinical medicine. Its mission is to provide objective basis for diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and efficacy evaluation of diseases with modern medical imaging devices. With the development of modern medicine, the scope of medical imaging will continue to expand, and the level of diagnosis and treatment will be obviously improved. It has become one of the fastest growing and the most useful disciplines in clinical medicine adopting the most high-tech means. With the continuous renewal of medical imaging devices and improvement of examination technology, the effect of medical imaging diagnosis and interventional therapy will be raised to a new level, and the development of clinical medicine will be strongly promoted. Advantages and characteristics: In 1984, the University established the first undergraduate medical imaging program in China. It has always been adhering to the spirit of noble medical ethics, excellent medical skills, rigorous scholarship, and constantly exploring and innovating medical imaging education and teaching mode that is in line with international standards and suitable for national conditions. At present, it is the construction location of characteristic specialty of national colleges and universities and the dominant characteristic specialty at provincial and ministerial level. It has made a number of high-level national education and teaching achievements, making it a leading specialty in the same field in China with a high reputation.


Educational Objective: Cultivate medical imaging professionals adapting to the needs of the development of medical imaging in China in the new era, mastering broad knowledge of basic medicine and clinical medicine, and solid basic knowledge of medical imaging, with the ability of skillfully using professional knowledge and skills to solve practical clinical problems, and engaging in medical treatment, scientific research and education of medical imaging and interventional radiology in medical and health institutions.

Degree: Bachelor of Medicine

Employment: Hospitals, Medical Research Institutes


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