Clinical Pharmacy (5-year)

Clinical Pharmacy, a discipline studying the effectiveness, safety and rationality of disease prevention and treatment with drugs, mainly engages in the following aspects: clinical rule of drugs in disease treatment, clinical rational drug use, clinical drug evaluation, pharmaceutical care, drug compatibility and contraindications. Its main task is to comprehensively apply the theories, viewpoints and methods of pharmacy and medicine to guarantee the effectiveness, safety and economy of clinical treatment with drugs.


Educational Objective: With the duration of 5 years, the specialty mainly provides professional courses in the first four years, and clinical practice in the fifth year. It aims to cultivate practical professionals adapting to the needs of development of medicine and health services and clinical pharmacy in China, with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique, aesthetics and labor, broad knowledge of social science and natural science, solid basic theory, basic knowledge and skills of pharmacy, medicine and clinical pharmacy, innovative spirit and practical ability, and the ability of engaging in clinical rational drug use, therapeutic drug monitoring, and clinical drug evaluation.

Degree: Bachelor of Science

Employment: Clinical pharmacy education, drug distribution, adverse drug reaction monitoring, drug appraisal and research & development, drug service and management in medical institutions and medical colleges at all levels.


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