Pharmaceutic Preparation (4-year)

Pharmaceutic Preparation is a discipline of making clinical drugs in prescribed dosage forms through specific processes. In article 102 of the Drug Administration Law of the PRC, drug is defined as the substance used for the prevention, treatment and diagnosis of human diseases, which can regulate human physiological functions purposefully and prescribe the in indications, usage and dosage, including traditional Chinese medicines, traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces, Chinese patent medicines, chemical raw medicines and their preparations, antibiotics, biochemical drugs, radioactive drugs, serum vaccines, blood products and diagnosis drugs. Pharmaceutic Preparation mainly intends to solve the usage and dosage of drugs.


Educational Objective: Cultivate high-quality and practical talents with the basic theory, knowledge and experimental skills of pharmacy, pharmaceutics and pharmaceutic preparation engineering, and the ability of engaging in research, development, process design, improvement of production technology and quality control in the field of pharmaceutical preparation and preparation technology.

Degree: Bachelor of Science

Employment: Research, development, process design, production technology improvement and quality control in pharmaceutical preparation and other fields associated with preparation technology.



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