Biomedical Engineering (4-year)

Biomedical Engineering is a comprehensive discipline integrating multiple disciplines with the aim of solving biomedical problems based on engineering principles and methods. It integrates physics, informatics and computer science in the fields of biology and medicine, and obtains human life information and deepens the understanding of life phenomena with theories and methods of engineering, so as to provide new methods and develops new equipment for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of diseases, and improve human health. Biomedical Engineering will cooperate with biomedical engineering of Tianjin University in education.


Educational Objective: Cultivate high-quality talents with strong knowledge updating and innovation ability and strong practical ability, mastering basic knowledge of biomedicine, basic theoretical knowledge and skills of electronic technology, computer technology and information science related to biomedical engineering, and having been strictly trained in scientific experiment.

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering

Employment: Technology development, technology service, scientific research, education and administration in medical device research & development or manufacturing industry, medical signal detection industry, hospital technical services or equipment management department, medical and health research or technical services. Employment rate: Over 95% in each year for graduates in the past three years.


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