TMU carries out personalized education and tiered development.The academic graduate program focuses on scientific research training. The academicdoctoral degree requires the completion of 18 credits of scholarly work and the academicmaster’s degree requires 25 credits. The professional graduate program emphasizes on innovative clinical skill training. The professional doctoral degree requires the completion of 14 credits of scholarly work, and the academic master’s degreevaries according to the specific requirements of each major.


TMU MOOC(Massive Open Online Courses)

TMU offers online learning opportunities for professional postgraduates to major in clinical medicine and stomatology. The course of medical law was established in 2017 and submitted to the Small Private Online Course (SPOC) platform of the national union of graduate schools of medical colleges. Until now, more than 18,000 graduate students from 19 universities have taken the elective courses, further improving the quality of postgraduate courses.



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