Research Center of Basic Medical Science

In order to further enhance the ability and level of basic medical research and personnel training in our university, promote the cross-integration of related disciplines and the overall sharing of high-quality resources, accelerate the implementation of the national Double First-Class construction strategy, and the implementation plan of the  Double First-Class  construction in our city,  in accordance with the principle of “Unified Leadership, Top-Level Design, Innovative Development, and Dynamic Adjustment”, the implementation of the Basic Medicine Excellence Talents Program is an important reform measure for the cultivation of talents and scientific research in our school. Its goal is to take several mechanism innovation as breakthrough point and driving force, so as to attract and gather outstanding talents in basic medicine, support original innovation with breakthrough and sustainable development potential, establish a scientific research highland of basic medicine, and strive to play an important role in national major scientific and technological research; To build the leading talents and innovative teams in the first-class discipline of basic medicine and give play to the supporting and leading role of high-level talents; Drive the crossover, fusion and integration of multiple disciplines, cultivate emerging interdisciplinary disciplines, and pool superior resources to accelerate the construction of domestic first-class basic medical discipline.

As a relatively independent academic platform spanning multiple schools and departments of the university, the Excellence Talents Program enjoys certain autonomy in PI recruitment and assessment, scientific research and teaching, resource allocation and support, and daily operation and management. The Excellence Talent Program is based on the director responsibility system, with PI and independent laboratories as the basic funding and construction units. Implementing research direction and team, PI responsibility system.Within the scope of authority, PI has relatively independent and independent control over the personnel, finance and materials of the laboratory. 

The Excellence Talents Program has established several committees, including academic committee, talent training committee, education committee, instrument and equipment management committee, etc., mainly responsible for academic planning, strategic consulting and guidance of Excellence talent program, PI selection, academic evaluation, academic exchange and cooperation, postgraduate and postdoctoral training and management, experiment Room platform management, etc.

The Excellence Talents Program implements an international employment system and publicly selects and employs researchers and scientists with world-leading academic standards in basic medical research through a fair and equitable evaluation model.

The Excellence Talents Program encourages PI to adhere to the scientific spirit of seeking truth and innovation, actively explore the unknown frontier, and create an atmosphere of interdisciplinary integration, independent research, and relaxed and active thoughts to form a cluster advantage. Strengthen the education and training of undergraduates, postgraduates and post-doctoral students. Implement graduate admissions indicators separately, and enjoy certain autonomy in postdoctoral recruitment, inbound, assessment and outbound. 

The Excellence Talent Program promotes quality assessment and talent-oriented evaluation of talents and scientific and technological achievements, and leverages performance to strengthen target management. Establish performance-based laboratory and personnel entry and exit mechanisms, and determine the rolling investment and PI renewal of the independent talent program for each independent laboratory based on the results of the appointment assessment.

The Excellence Talent Program actively explores and establishes institutional mechanisms that are suitable for the development of science and education, adapts to the needs of modern society, conducts high-level research, promotes the interactive development of research and teaching, and promotes multidisciplinary collaboration. Strive to become a world-class talent training and gathering highland and independent innovation highland in related research fields, becoming a pioneer of new disciplines and new research directions, and becoming a leader in advanced scientific thinking and technology.


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